Chair of
Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup
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Compensated Multi-Dimensional Wavelet-Lifting

Field of activity: Video Signal Processing and Transmission
Research topic: Video Analysis and Video Processing
Staff: M.Sc. Daniela Lanz

Volumetric data records with three and more dimensions appear in many sectors of natural and engineering science. For instance dynamic volume data plays an important role in geophysics, among others for the analysis of ocean currents or atmospheric changes. Furthermore dynamic 3-D volumes from magnetic resonance tomography data (MRT) and computed tomography data (CT) become more important in medical image processing. The possibility of recording and reconstructing dynamic 3-D volumes offers better and completely new ways of making a diagnosis. This leads to a lot of data records which have to be stored.

Project Description

In the research project “Compensated Multi-Dimensional Wavelet Lifting” lifting based wavelet transformations suited for analysis and coding of arbitrary data records are examined. Goals are a high compression and an efficient representation of the compressed data. That means that parts of the volume can be reconstructed without decoding the complete data record.

In video coding irrelevant information is truncated to reach a higher compression. Especially in medical image processing that is not allowed in general and only possible in special cases. It is often unclear what Information is irrelevant in the matter of the diagnosis. The perfect reconstruction is an essential property of the used lifting based wavelet transformation. Thus the original signal can be reconstructed without any loss from the coded data.

Further on various kinds of volumetric data records can differ significantly in their signal properties. Thus the aim of the project is the adaption of the wavelet transformation to the various kinds of data records.


The LMS Chair acknowledges the funding of the German Research Foundation (DFG) of the project “Compensated Multi-Dimensional Wavelet Lifting” under the project numbers KA 926/4-1 and KA 926/4-2.


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