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Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup
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Coding and Processing of Non-Rectilinear Image and Video Data

Field of activity: Video Signal Processing and Transmission
Research topic: Video Coding and Transmission
Staff: Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Eichenseer

This research topic deals with the efficient coding and signal processing of image and video material captured with extreme optics (e.g., ultra wide-angle lenses).

More specifically, the radial distortions as they appear in imagery captured with fisheye cameras shall be investigated with regard to their effect on the coding efficiency of conventional hybrid video codecs. Video codecs such as the widely-used standard H.264/AVC as well as its successor H.265/HEVC are designed for image and video material that exhibits rectilinear characteristics, i.e., straight lines are depicted as such. Furthermore, the employed motion estimation and compensation only consider purely translational motion which has adverse effects on the coding of radially distorted imagery. Therefore, methods for compensating such radial distortions shall be developed and analyzed for both intra-frame and inter-frame prediction. Further topics of interest include algorithms for error concealment, super-resolution, etc., which also benefit from an adaptation to the fisheye characteristics.

The sequences created and captured in the course of this research topic have been collected and published as a data set, available for download at

Example of a Fisheye image of lecture hall H6:

Beispiel Fischauge

This project is partly supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as Research Area A.3 of the Research Training Group GRK-1773 "Heterogeneous Image Systems".


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