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Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup
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Video coding taking into account the human visual system

Field of activity: Video Signal Processing and Transmission
Research topic: Video Coding and Transmission
Staff: Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Barkowsky

In the last few years video coding has gained more and more attention because analog transmission channels have been replaced by digital transmission channels. In consequence various algorithms have been presented.
The most recent development in digital video coding results in the forthcoming joint-video-team standard. This standard will part of the MPEG (ISO/IEC) standard, named "advanced video coding" or "part-10" as well as it will be named "H.264" by the ITU-T. Though it consists of various coding tools, most of them are based on the signal processing view without taking into account the human visual system. This is quite different from the situation seen in audio coding. During these studies the idea is to improve the coding efficiency by analyzing characteristics of the sink of the signal, the human eye.
The target is, to change the amount of bitrate spent according to the importance of the information for the viewer. This must be done both in spatial and temporal direction to get an improvement. This leads to an improvement in rate-distortion analysis because the distortion is finally measured according to the perceived distortion as opposed to simple measurements like peak-signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR).


M. Barkowsky
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