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Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup
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Seminar on Selected Topics of Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing

Lecturers:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Kellermann
Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Löllmann
M.Sc. Christian Hümmer
Lecture language:English
Credit Points:2,5 ECTS

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Topic: Machine Learning for Acoustic Signal Processing

The field of machine learning is concerned with the construction of intelligent systems based on the automatic discovery of regularities in data. In the learning phase, an algorithm “learns” patterns from a set of training data by adapting its model parameters. The pretrained system is subsequently employed to analyze various input data. One prominent example of machine learning research is the task of automatic speech recognition, where the parameters of an acoustical model are estimated in a training phase and subsequently employed to recognize speech signals.

In the last two decades, a variety of approaches have been proposed applying machine learning techniques to classical signal processing tasks. This seminar focuses on the description of fundamental concepts from machine learning theory as well as their application to speech signal processing.

This seminar is designed for Bachelor and Master programs in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology (EEI), Information and Communication Technology (IuK), Industrial Engineering and Management (WING), Computational Engineering (CE), Communications and Multimedia Engineering (CME), as well as related study programs.
The seminar is organized around three mandatory meetings:
1st meeting (October 2017):
An introduction will be given and the individual topics are assigned to the participants.
2nd meeting (December 2017): The participants will give a brief presentation about the status of their work and hints for the final presentation are given.
3rd meeting (January 2018): Each participant will give a presentation of 25 minutes and submit a report on his/her topic of 10 to 15 pages.

The seminar is open to German as well as foreign students. Therefore, all meetings and presentations will be held in English and the reports are expected to be written in English.

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