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Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup

Algorithm Development for Screen Sharing Applications

Supervisor:M.Sc. Andreas Heindel (Room 06.036)
Faculty:Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Kaup

Web conferencing and remote desktop applications require the desktop of one computer to be encoded and transmitted over a network, often the internet, to be displayed on a remote screen. Video compression techniques have to be used to achieve the low data rate needed for real time transmission. However, common video codecs like the well-known H.264/AVC and also the latest standards H.265/HEVC and VP9 are primarily optimized for natural video sequences. Their compression efficiency for screen content data is not optimal, as the characteristics of screen content and natural video data are quite different. The used coding tools lead to annoying artifacts, for example introduced by the color space conversion and chrominance sub-sampling. Another problem is that the distribution of the data rate for a constant quality is fluctuating over time.

Several adaptations and tweaks can be applied to tackle the just mentioned points. E.g., special coding tools can be used which are optimized for screen content data, or introduced artifacts can be reduced by pre and/or post processing techniques. For all optimizations the user experience has to be kept in mind, as it plays an import role in these types of applications.

Available from July 2018

TypeBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Research Internship